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Information Events

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Holding information events is one of the most important and useful tasks in project work. It is very important for Little Stars that the  villagers actively take part in the work to bring about change. There are no financial subsidies in this field of project work but instead we  pass on our knowledge. We do not hand out money but we give information  on how to solve various problems of daily life.

For a number of years Little Stars has been holding information events in their project villages showing a combination of information and  entertainment films on large screens. There are events specially for  children and those for adults. Children learn about hygiene and washing  their hands, for example, while adults can watch films about AIDS or the dangers of disease transmission in poultry farming. These events are always well attended and it is often difficult to get the  number of educational films that is needed. 

Success is guaranteed even though information and educational work is  not as visible as for example a health post. Washing ones hands has  become the norm at the schools in our project villages and the adults  want to see more films on health education. However, this would require  more staff and we need to look into the necessary changes.


Easily readable information boards have been installed at our water points in Balchaur explaining that

“drinking water free from arsenic is good for your health“

There will be growing awareness that poisonous water must be avoided for a healthy diet.

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