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Little Stars has been supporting  socially disadvantaged children in Nepal since 1998. We operate  kindergartens, schools and health posts. We build water supplies,  toilets and smokeless ovens to help people who desperately need it.

The project work of Little Stars e.V. is mainly financed by sponsorships, donations from birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries etc. as well as donations from companies and membership fees. The steady flow of income from this gives us a reliable financial basis and enables us to plan long-term and to put these plans into action. In some cases we apply for public subsidies and use these for our projects as for example for our water project in Balchaur.

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Would you like to help?

We welcome any contribution for the support of our project work for disadvantaged children and their families in Nepal.

On a regular basis or one-off - each donation helps!

Please pay individual donations to:

Little Stars -  Kinder brauchen Zukunft e.V.

Bank account for donations:
Frankfurter Sparkasse:

IBAN: DE02 5005 0201 0000 7575 78

(Little Stars is a registered charity founded in 1998. A tax deductible donation receipt will be issued to all donors after year-end. For this purpose please state your full name and address when paying money to the donations account.)

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