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The buddhist village of Kimtang near Langtang National Park is our new development project.

The earthquake killed 15 people and caused a lot of damage to homes and Gompa buildings.

Kimtang (1)
Kimtang (4)
Kimtang (25)

Little Stars supports the reconstruction of the monastery which was badly damaged in the earthquake.
These pictures from January 2016 show the rapid progress of the reconstruction work.

Kimtang Aufbau Kloster 01_2016
Kimtang Baufortschritt 1

In April 2016 the official inauguration of the gompa was celebrated.

08_Kimtang Inauguration
02_Kimtang Inauguration
Kimtang 2nd Gumba
02_Gumba Inauguration (2)
03_Gumba Inauguration (3)
07_Kimtang Inauguration

The villagers and the gompa committee of Kimtang have started the reconstruction of a second gompa in Ward 7. Little Stars is supporting this project with a financial contribtution.

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