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Earthquakes in Nepal in April and May 2015 and the consequences

The past year has brought about great changes for the children and families of Nepal. Devastating earthquakes have distroyed many homes,  roads were buried  and many families lost all their belongings.

We were able to give help quickly and efficiently thanks to your generous donations. The activities our donors thought of to collect money are almost unbelievable. Countless cakes were made and sold, bazaars organised, schools engaged in events or charity races; money was collected at special birthdays, anniversaries, silver weddings and other events; a vintage car was sold at an auction and half the proceeds were donated; and of course there were all the individual donors who helped to ease the suffering in our project villages. 

The Little Stars team would like to sincerely thank you all for your generous donations. This is very motivating for us and we will continue to devote our time and energy to our voluntary work for underpriviledged children and families in Nepal.


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