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Job Training - a milestone for Little Stars

Job training for motivated young people in the rural areas of Nepal -  this is something Little Stars had been thinking about for quite a  while. After intensive discussions and comprehensive research by our project coordinator Rajan the implementation of this project started at the beginning of 2015.

Job training will focus initially on skilled work such as plumbing,  welding, tailoring, car and motorbike repair and electric installations. We believe that this is the kind of work needed to earn a living also  in rural areas. It is interesting to know in this context that many young people and adults with an academic education have great problems finding a job.

After some delays caused by the earthquake in April 2015, the first training courses started early in 2016 in cooperation with UCEP - Underprivileged  Children Educational Program. This is a well known NGO from New Zealand  which was founded by Dr. L. Cheyne in 1978.

UCEP provides the trainers and the machinery and Little Stars provides the rooms. The trainees will take an exam after a four months crash course and will be provided with an  official certificate by the National Skill Testing Board. The curriculum is in line with the guidelines of the Chamber of Trade in Nepal.

The first skilled graduates are now working in their villages.

JT Masons lessons
Job Training Masonry Class

In the meantime Little Stars has started offering courses on their own or together with local partners. In addition to the original subjects we offer tailoring courses and Kadhai which is traditional embroidery for festive gowns. We support our trainees in financing sewing machines so they can continue what they have learned and earn their living with their work. At the end of each course an exam is taken and a certificate by a recognised training institute is issued to each successful participant.

Teaching Tailoring Simari
JT Building
Job Training Building Walls
JT Plumbers

The co-operation with UCEP gave Little Stars the chance for networking and gaining experience in this important field. The successful implementation of this project is in line with our motto “we offer a future”.

Kadhai 1
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