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Job Training

Job training for motivated young people in the rural areas of Nepal – this is something Little Stars has been thinking about for quite a while. And now we can actually start this new project. Job training will focus initially on skilled work such as plumbing, welding, tailoring, car and motorbike repair and electric installations. We believe that this is the kind of work needed to earn a living also in rural areas.

Little Stars rented workshop space  in Tintiple in the vicinity of our project village Okharpauwa. The training will be done in cooperation with UCEP - Underprivileged Children Educational Program. This is a well known NGO from New Zealand which was founded by Dr. L. Cheyne in 1978.

UCEP will provide the trainers and the machinery. The trainees will take an exam after a four months crash course and will be provided with an official certificate if they pass the exam.

JT Building

Our activities for this new project were interrupted by the earthquake on 25 April 2015. Further delays were caused by the border blockades and a change in UCEP management. But we were able to continue our efforts and the first course started early in 2016. Over a period of 15 months, we will train masons, plumbers, electricians and welders. The courses last four months and consist of a theorectical part (three months) and practical training (one month). There will be an exam at the end of each course and participants will receive a certificate  from the National Skill Testing Board. 

The first course training masons started on 14 February 2016. 12 participants passed the exam at the end of the course in June 2016 and started working in their communities.

JT Masons lessons
Job Training Masonry Class

The second course training plumbers started at the end of June 2016 with 13 participants.

Another very useful aspect is the fact that UCEP will assist students in finding a job after successfully passing the exam. They state that their success rate is high  – let's wait and see what happens.  

From Little Stars' point of view we can kill two birds with one stone: We can gain valuable experience in this important field of action without having to make high investment at an early stage. If this project is successful we can justly claim to live up to our motto “we offer a future”.

Job Training Building Walls
JT Plumbers
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