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Amthang Latest News

It takes several meetings to decide how the local residential community will support the construction of the new health post. Building cannot start without a personal contribution by the villagers.

Building site on terraced ground near the school.

Y Amthang near-School-Land LQ

... at long last everything is ready to get started!

SAM_0393 SAM_0882

It’s done - the festive inauguration of the new Health Post in Amthang takes place at the end of March 2015.

08_Eröffnung Amthang HP Mrz 2015
02_Eröffnung Amthang HP Mrz 2015
04_Eröffnung Amthang HP Mrz 2015
06_Eröffnung Amthang HP Mrz 2015

Amthang was hit badly by the earthquake on 25 April 2015. Many people died since the village is located close to the epicentre.         Unfortunately the Health Post opened a few weeks before the earthquake was also destroyed and had to be reconstructed.

The festive inauguration of the reconstructed earthquake-proof Health Post in Amthang took place in October 2016.

Amthang Inauguration 01
Amthang Inauguration 02
Amthang Inauguration 03
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