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Bauniyan - Clean drinking water for three schools

Little Stars started a new project at the end of Novermber 2016. Last summer our staff organised a Health Camp at a school in the small village of Bauniyan 8 – Simari. The results of the medical check-ups of the school kids were alarming We found the usual skin diseases but the number of cases was higher then elsewhere. However, specially remarkable was the number of children suffering from chronic typhoid fever.

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The reason for this was found quickly: the water from the hand operated pumps at the school site.  The water was highly contaminated by arsenic and salmonella. Furthermore a petrol station for agricultural vehicles was located next to the school. Nobody felt responsible for making sure that petrol and oil did not seep into the soil. This pollution of the groundwater seriously added to the problem.

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The Little Stars Board made the quick decision that it made a lot of sense to build a deep well at this location. The original planning covered the school and the neighbouring parts of the village. Then Babita who is in charge of our Health Post suggested: “Why don’t we supply clean drinking water to all three schools of the village?” Her suggestion made more than sense and really hit the mark. A technical solution was soon found.  We can bridge distances of up to one kilometer with the water pressure generated by the deep well pump.
Three concrete skeletons  will be erected each 6 meters high with a 1,500 litre tank at the top of each skeleton. Water from the deep well will be supplied to these tanks. This solution will provide clean drinking water to nearly 1,000 school kids plus to another 300 villagers in the vicinity of the schools. The technical effort is low and overhead tanks are low-maintenance technology. Electrical equipment consists of a pressure switch and an electronic control unit for the pump.

Water was pumped up for the first time on 4 Dec 2016.

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Signing contract with Schools- Simari (3)
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The Heads of the schools and the school committees were included in the planning activities as well as the local administration of Simari village. Drilling is in full progress. After this the overhead tanks will be installed. The villagers will dig the trenches to the school sites and pipes with a two inch diameter will be laid. The water taps will also be installed by the villagers. When the pipe installation is ready the contracted company will finalise the electrical installation. The new system should be operational in March / April 2017.

In December 2016 we were informed that “Wasser für die Welt”, a foundation by Margit and Heribert Wirth (Himalaya Pavilion at the Expo 2000 exhibition in Hanover, now re-erected in Wiesent/Bavaria) will support this project with an amount of Euro 22,000.
Little Stars would like to cordially thank “Wasser für die Welt” for this contribution. We had already received quotes for the deep well plant. The construction of the system was started immediately after receiving the commitment from the foundation.

Wasser für die Welt
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