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Little Stars realised at an early stage that clean drinking water is the basis for a sound development of children and their families in our  project villages. We have installed water supplies at schools and kindergartens wherever possible. The new water taps have always been accepted readily and often become a centre of communication. We have never provided water supplies without sufficient support by the villagers. They mostly dug up trenches, transported material or helped with other activities. This is a proven model since the water supply will only be appreciated and maintained properly when a personal contribution has been made to complete it.

Our biggest drinking water project was set up in Balchaur in the Terai region in 2013.


Water in this area contains a very high level of arsenic. This is extremely unhealthy for children and their families. We have been able to implement this important and challenging project thanks to the German Embassy's co-financing.

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You will find further information  under  Water for Balchaur and Bauniyan, our new water project which will be implemented in 2017.

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