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Village Development Project Amthang

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The village of Amthang lies high up  above the valley in the Himalayan fringe area. After a drive of about 3.5 hours from Kathmandu it takes another two hours on foot up a steep path to reach the village.

The territory is extremely terraced and access is difficult. The population of Amthang consists of more than 2,000 farmers who are mainly Buddhists. Families own small plots of land that are rough and barren so that the village is very backward in its development.

The children have to help every day with the hard manual work in the fields and regular school attendance is often out of the question. Teaching materials available at the local primary school are insufficient and there is a lack of qualified teachers.

In most cases school attendance ends abruptly  after the fifth grade as no further grades are provided. All children would like to continue their school education but secondary schools are  two to three hours away from home on foot one way and therefore impossible to reach for most of them.

Only few parents can afford to send their children to school. Some have never been to school at all and the village youth club would like to change this. With the organisational, professional and financial help of Little Stars a programme has been developed to ensure lasting support and improvement of the education of all local children. A new sixth form has been started already as a first partial success.

School uniforms,  school fees and teaching materials are far too expensive for many  families. This is where the sponsorship programme started recently takes effect and will permanently improve the education level of the Amthang children. In addition Little Starts are setting up a health post which  will improve living conditions considerably. Medical care, educational  events for adults and regular school attendance are important milestones preparing the way for a life offering education and the chance for a  better future.

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