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Water for Balchaur

After long discussions with the villagers in 2013 this area was chosen for deep drilling and the health post. It is central for both ethnic groups  (Tharu and Badi).

At the moment water contaminated by arsenic is pumped up by hand from 6 metres deep.

pic 2 Drilling Point 5
pic 4

The geological report certifies very good water quality approximately 90 to 100 meters deep. Unfortunately  the first two deep drilling holes  collapsed after a few weeks.
This caused lively discussions about the way forward. After considering  various aspects drilling started again at another site, this time with heavy equipment and a different technical method.
The new site chosen is next to the school building.
Indeed the depth of 100 metres was reached after a very short time.

Next thing the technical connections were made and pumps and pressure vessel installed.

In the meantime the villager are digging trenches and laying pipes to several central water points in both parts of the village.

Drinking water supply project (6)

The new water taps for the drinking water are ready now.

Drinking water supply project (12)

Clean drinking water free from arsenic!

water analysis
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