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Village Development Project Kimtang

Early in 2015 the Little Stars Board started thinking about offering lessons in English and Shambota to the children of Kimtang village. Shambota is similar to the Tibetan language and is used for prayer scriptures. The aim is to support the Buddhist culture and to counteract the activities of a militant Christian group. Unfortunately our preparations were interrupted by the earthquake of 25 April 2015. Many people were killed and a lot of damage was caused to the houses in Kimtang.

In the meantime we have been able to resume work and lessons have started in a Gompa that was not too badly damaged. A new teacher has been employed for English  lessons and a Lamaguru (Buddhist priest) is teaching Shambota.

Little Stars provides school uniforms for the students as well as school books and other classroom materials.

Kimtang English Class
Kimtang Gompa Class 02
Kimtang English Class (2)
Kimtang Gompa Class
Kimtang School book in  Sambhota (1)
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