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Women Shelter

We often witness the heartbreaking situation of single mothers with their children in Nepal. Women are left behind without any financial resources when the husband deserts the family or dies. There is no perspective in life any more for these women and their children. Because of this Little Stars has started planning a women shelter which will offer shelter to single mothers and their children. Here they are given the chance to start a new life and they will learn to provide for themselves. Mothers are given the chance to cultivate a piece of land and to earn their living for example by doing tailoring work, while their children can go to nearby schools.

A group of women in the village of Simari wants to take over responsibility for looking after these destitute little families. Together with this group of women we have founded a Little Stars partner association (Children and Women Welfare Centre CWWC), who will ensure construction and operation of the building. This association is supported by Little Stars.  

The organisational preconditions are now in place so that planning and construction can start.

women shelter - drawing
women shelter - sketch

Balchaur Day Care Centre

Since March 2018 Little Stars offers a Day Care Centre in Balchaur for pre-school kids.

BAL Day Care Centre
BAL Day Care Centre 2
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