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Okharpauwa ECD Kindergarten

The Little Stars ECD Kindergarten had to move at the beginning of 2015 as the owner of the rented building needed this for his own  purposes. The building that ECD had just moved into was destroyed by the earthquake in April 2015.

ECD House (3) Jan 2015

ECD = Early Childhood Development

ECD house (1) Jan 2015

As an interim solution, a provisional shelter for the ECD Kindergarten was erected. We then started looking for a suitable piece  of land for a new building. The new site should be located between ward 1 Kulegaun and ward 2 Chitregaun so it would be easy to reach for all the children, just like the provisional kindergarten.

ECD Shelter 2

The purchase contract for a suitable piece of land was signed at the end of 2015 and construction work for a new earthquake-proof house for the ECD Kindergarten was started soon.

ECD Ward 6 (10)
ECD Shelter
ECD Land

The festive inauguration of the new earthquake-proof kindergarten took place in October 2016.

Ward 6 inauguration (5)
Ward 6 inauguration (4)
Ward 6 inauguration (7) Ward 6 inauguration (6)

Ein weiterer Kindergarten wird seit Herbst 2016 in Ward 8 in gemieteten Räumen von Little Stars betrieben.

OKP Ward 8 new ECD
OKP Ward 8 new Rooms
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