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Village Development Project Okharpauwa

The Okharpauwa area is located to the northwest of Nepal's capital  Kathmandu. This is an area where people live in very poor circumstances. Tiny plots of land owned by the farmer families and alcohol abuse by  the men have caused the development of the village to be far behind.

The practice of child marriage at a very early  age has lead to social isolation also with the neighbouring villages.  The school education of their children was completely neglected.

Regular school attendance is often not possible because of the hard work that children have to do at home. To change  this Little Stars has established kindergartens offering a hot meal at  lunchtime. Older children can now go to school and do not have to look  after the younger ones at home. We have organised supplementary lessons  and other activities such as dancing, acting (role plays) and health  education.

So far not everybody can afford to send their  children to school. School uniforms, school fees and teaching materials  are far too expensive for many families. Through donations and  sponsorships we can now provide teaching materials and most important of all qualified teachers to the state schools. Programmes for the improvement of living conditions of the villagers and providing sanitary articles, warm pullovers especially for the winter months, sturdy shoes and warm coats to the children make their meagre existence a little  more liveable.

By offering adult education and regular school attendance we can successfully counteract child marriage.

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