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Earthquake in April / May 2015 in Nepal and the After-effects

The year 2015 brought about great changes for the children and families of Nepal. Devastating earthquakes have distroyed many homes, roads were buried and many families lost all their belongings.

We were able to give help quickly and efficiently thanks to your generous donations. The activities our donors thought of to collect money are almost unbelievable. Countless cakes were made and sold, bazaars organised, schools engaged in events or charity races; money was collected at special birthdays, anniversaries, silver weddings and other events; a vintage car was sold at an auction and half the proceeds were donated; and of course there were all the individual donors who  helped to ease the suffering in our project villages.

The Little Stars team would like to sincerely thank you all for your  generous donations. This is very motivating for us and we will continue to devote our time and energy to our voluntary work for underpriviledged children and families in Nepal.

Our project villages Amthang, Kimtang and Okharpauwa were badly hit by the earthquake in April / May 2015.

Kimtang (4) OKP nach dem Beben_06
Amthang HP 1

Our Health Post in Amthang had just been opened when it was destroyed completely during the earthquake.  The festive inauguration of the rebuilt earthquake-proof Health Post in Amthang took place in October 2016.


In Kimtang Little Stars  supported the reconstruction of the monastery which was badly damaged in the earthquake, and of a second Gompa in Ward 7.

01_Gumba Inauguration (1)
02_Gumba Inauguration (2)
Kimtang 2nd Gumba
04_Kimtang Gompa

In Okharpauwa Little  Stars organised a number of relief supplies to provide the villagers  with food, blankets, mosquito netting and items of everyday necessities. The villagers also received tin sheets  to cover their temporary  shelters. This helped them to  protect their families and their  belongings from the rain during the monsoon.

OKP Verteilung
3rd Relief OKP (9)
3rd Relief OKP (12)
Tin Sheet Distribution OKP (9)

Little Stars set up a provisional Health Post to be able to offer  medical help to the people of Okharpauwa that was urgently required.  Also the damage to the Mahalaxmi School building needed to be repaired.  After finishing the refurbishment work in autumn 2016, lessons could be  held again in the newly arranged classrooms.

Provisional HP OKP MLX School 06

Little Stars supported some of the poorest families in the reconstruction of their destroyed or badly damaged homes.

06_Sanukanchha Balami (1)
04_Family no 5. Tara Bahadur House pic no  (2)
02_House of Bhim Bahadur (2)
10_House of Thil Bahadur (3)
10_Family no 3. Rajbir Tamang (3) 06_House of Suryaman (1)
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