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Our health programmes focus on constructing and operating health posts,  building smokeless ovens, installing toilets and organising information  events on questions of hygiene. Subjects covered range from washing your hands for children to family planning and the safe delivery of a baby.

The national health system consists of hospitals, health centres and  small health posts in remote areas. Hospitals are mostly located in  towns and provide the backbone of the medical care system. Doctors  working here are usually well qualified and there are well equipped  laboratory facilities available at these hospitals.


In contrast to this, the smaller health centres and the remote health  posts for the medical care of the local population are run by medical  assistants with a minimum of medical training only. Although these  medical posts are easier accessible for the rural population than the  town hospitals, they often fail to reach their goal of providing  reliable medical care. The majority of the health posts is hardly  operational due to missing equipment and suitable staff. Due to the  lack of furnishing, medicines and vaccines health posts are often closed or have been abandoned.


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In Nepal health is the privilege of the rich and the higher castes. Poor  people go to the shaman even today. He belongs to the people, sent from  God but a member of their caste.
Modern medical treatment is often not  accessible due to large distances or for traditional and financial  reasons. People living in remote areas have no chance to receive medial  care. The transport of the sick to the nearest doctor is done in wicker  baskets carried on one’s back over long distances.

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