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Covid-19 in Nepal

Nepal is also experiencing strong adverse effects by the Coronavirus. Many people have left Kathmandu and are seeking refuge in the countryside. as described in our  newsletter beschrieben. Little Stars provides help wherever possible.  We have engaged local tailors in Amthang, Kimtang and Okharpauwa to produce face masks which our local staff have distributed to the villagers.

Staff at a government health post near Okharpauwa were very grateful for 50 surplus face masks given to them since they were still waiting for a supply of masks by the health authorities.

Our staff in Balchaur succeeded with great personal commitment in obtaining a permit from the local authorities to provide food aid to our sponsored children and other needy families. For more details please read our relevant newsletter.

Mask Distribution - OKP (16)
Mask Distribution - OKP (20)
Mask Distribution - OKP (1)
Mask Distribution KIM (5)
Mask Distribution AMT  (9)
Mask Distribution KIM (26) Mask Distribution KIM (22)
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