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Giving the poorest a chance ...

Our non-profit  association Little Stars -  Kinder brauchen Zukunft e.V. (children need a future) was founded in 1998. Our goal is to provide a chance for a better future to disadvantaged children in Nepal. This means in detail:

> School education
> Job training for school leavers and young people
> Medical care
> Health education programmes including family planning
> Access to clean drinking water

> Promoting cultural events  and traditions.

For 240 Euro p.a. (i.e. for 20 Euro per month) you can take on a sponsorship. Please print and complete attached form. We offer three different sponsorship models:

If you choose a Gompa Sponsorship this supports our work in the mountain village of Kimtang and the children of the Gompa Group at the local monastery (lessons in English and Shambota, lived faith and language).

Alternatively you can choose a Project Sponsorship. All children in our project villages profit by this as it serves to support financing the development of the villages, for example access to clean drinking water, health care, culture and education etc.

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Gompa Child_01
BAL Health Center

Or you choose a Child & Family Sponsorship for a child and his/her family. This pays for teachers, school books, school materials, school bags and fees of state schools, shoes and school uniforms, hygiene products and health care etc. Little Stars will send you detailed information about the child you sponsor. The occasional letter to your sponsored child or some photographs are specially welcome. Your sponsored child will regularly send you school reports and letters with drawings.

MLX School
MLX School Building

As an active or passive member you will receive up to date information  for a small annual fee. We publish an information booklet and flyers half-yearly and as a member you will automatically receive this. The Membership Fee amounts to 30 Euro p.a.

In order to give help to the people in Nepal to help themselves, we depend on donations for our numerous activities.

Little Stars is a registered charity founded in 1998. A tax deductible  donation receipt will be issued to all donors after year-end. Your donation reaches those who need it, quickly and directly. All  members of our charity in Germany work on a strictly voluntary basis. Administrative costs are therefore kept to a minimum. Please contact us  and we will be pleased to answer any questions you might have.

Bank details for donations: 
Bank name: Frankfurter Sparkasse

IBAN: DE02 5005 0201 0000 7575 78

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